Peter the positive panda l

The great Canadian panda bear



Peter the positive panda's philosophy is that of a Chinese proverb,
"A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every passer-by leaves his mark."
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is where "Peter The Positive Panda" begins to leave a  positive mark on those he meets.

His bear hugs leave a positive mark. They are his way of expressing the powers of positive expressions. Hugs have no negative side -effects. Hugs create smiles, erase loneliness and help the heart beat. They develop a bond of friendship, combat fear, and loosen  pain and depression. And, hugs are great exercise for arm and shoulder muscles.

Peter realizes that by thinking and especially acting positively, you inspire people to help themselves. In turn people respond positively toward others. Peter has developed his own  positive philosophies which create the basis of his "children's self awareness program".

Each philosophy is a complete presentation that includes a song, activity and coloring poster that reinforces the philosophy. The Alberta, Canada school board curriculum was used as a guide in order to include all aspects of growth and development in children.


Peter's philosophies are :

- Inch by inch anything's a cinch.
- The things I know and feel are important.
- The things you know and feel are important.
- I can build a dream.
- Eating makes me grow.
- Reach for the stars.
- I like to learn new things.
- I like to exercise.
- I feel great when I'm with you.
- I like you.
- I can paint a rainbow.
- I like what I see when I see me.
- Together we can do it.
- I'm proud of the things I do.
- I'm proud of the things you do.
- What I think about, I bring about.
- If I think I can, I can.
- Show your feelings.
- I'm the best I've got.
- I am a friend to all.
- I like animals.
- I like making new friends.
- Together we can play many games.
- I like to visit new places.

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