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Peter The Positive Panda represents a children's educational program developed to supply to children information about their feelings, their relationships with other people, and their future as positive, realistic adults.

A child's outlook and purpose in life is formed at an early age. Children between the ages of two and nine are very impressionable. They are sometimes much more astute than adults give them credit for.

Their environment has an enormous impact on them. Parents, teachers and the world around them make up a mosaic of ideas, pressures and sometimes confusing messages. Naturally then, these wide eyed children need guidance and the more positively oriented, the better.

Peter The Positive Panda believes that creating positive impressions on children encourages them to preserve this healthy positive outlook as they grow older.

Through  song and dance productions performed by Peter in schools, hospitals and daycare's, he shares with children the value of a positive attitude. Peter reinforces the importance of self expression, self respect, patience, friendship, setting goals and other themes.

We believe that Peter's concepts will help children to form the basis of their attitude at a childhood level. The impact of these concepts will produce a lasting impression that children will carry with them to adulthood.

Peter uses the seven keystones of childhood development:
Self concept, social development,  emotional development, intellectual development, creative arts, physical development, and nutrition as the platform for his early childhood development  program. These self awareness seminars are designed to be held over a one year period, once per month for approximately 30 minutes.

Peter The Positive Panda introduces the theme  and teaches the children affirmation that accompanies the theme; for example, "Inch by inch anything's a cinch". A valuable lesson in patience. Being a contemporary kind of bear, Peter will then sing a rapping song pertaining to the theme, followed by an open discussion encouraging the children to share their personal experiences of what they think patience is. A group activity follows, promoting participation and a better understanding of the topic.

The children then receive a coloring poster further instilling the concept.
The idea is for them to take it home, color it, and hang it in a prominent place allowing them to see and discuss the affirmation everyday for that month. The key is to learning is constant repetition. Through repetition, the child will then retain concept and develop a greater insight of the theme.


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