Peter the positive panda l

The great Canadian panda bear


Biography of   "Peter The Positive Panda"


Peter The Positive Panda is the "Great Canadian Panda Bear" whose mission is to aspire and motivate young children into becoming positive adults. Peter is a huge , adorable panda bear with a person inside who is skilled in dealing with children.

His main objectives are to encourage caring and sharing, and to increase children's
self awareness, self confidence and self esteem through positive thinking. For example, one of Peter's key phrases is, " I like what I see when I see me." Peter The Positive Panda expresses his feelings through song and dance, but mostly by his actions.

His enthusiasm for hugging, his lust for life, his slow, careful way of walking, and of course, his round furry features make Peter a lovable symbol that children readily identify with.

Peter's trademark colors of burgundy and white are due to his passion for berries : strawberries, blueberries, Saskatoon berries. That passion led him over to discover Edmonton as he searched for berries along the banks of the North Saskatchewan river in the spring of 1984.

Peter fell in love with the beautiful parks and ravines. He discovered Old Strathcona, The boardwalk, West Edmonton Mall and the Legislative Building. Above all, Peter enjoyed all of the people he met and decided to make Edmonton his home.

During one his explorations, Peter The Positive Panda stumbled upon a 1950 Ford school bus. He felt it would be the perfect portable home for a Panda, especially one with a tendency to wander. He named his bus "Humble Herman", This vehicle will also serve as a retail outlet for "Peter The Positive Panda Products. "TM.  Peter found a companion bus, a 1957 GMC, which he named "Phase II" It will be complete with a light show and a puppet stage.

Throughout his travels, Peter has developed a fondness for any event where people gather. Peter loves parades and festivals. There , you will find him swarmed by children and adults seeking his famous bear hugs.

Peter The Positive Panda learned to ride a bicycle and spends many pleasant hours cycling around his new home making people smile.


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